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Cocktails are the charm of any party and one could not imagine a good party without a good cocktail. However, if the perfect liquor is not mixed in it, it would not taste the way it should. Here is a list of few liquors that could be considered if someone wants to make cocktails.

Rum light

The very first option in this list has to be Rum and that too the light one. If you are a die heart fan of liquor and you know that what proportion should be mixed in order to make the best drink out of it, then only you know the value of this particular version of Rum. If we talk about cocktails, then there are a lot of them, which uses it as their essential mix. Two of the best examples are Mojitos and Daiquiris. Not just these, but if do not want to put much effort, mix it with pineapple juice and that too will create a good drink for you. You could actually find some good brands in this category. The first cocktail that you could prepare from this is the Mojito. The second and the classic one is Blueberry Rum Smash. It totally depends on an individual that which one he or she wants to make out of it.


Who on this earth has not heard of this one? The answer, of course, would be no one. It is by far the most used alcohol category and even if you are not an alcoholic, you must be aware of it. The liquor is so important and popular that bars have a special corner dedicated to it. However, there are not much cocktail options that could be made out of this. The only cocktail that you could make with Tequila is the Margarita, but ask true lovers, whether he or she could survive without it? Even if you do not have anything at your bar, this is a compulsion. Also, it comes mainly in two flavors, one is silver and the other one is gold. If you ask about the drink that could be made from the kitchen, then El Diablo also comes in this list.


Gin is one of those categories of Alcohols, about which a lot of people think that it does not taste good or they won’t like it. However, a lot of them realize that this was a misunderstanding that they had until they tried that on their own. Now, to like this particular drink, you need to try it in a specific way. You should first start with a drink that is not that gin-heavy and you need to drink that slowly. It should be drunk in such a way that you could feel it. One such drink that is not that gin-heavy is Bramble and you could try that. Again, if you really try to get hold of some good brands, then you need to do quick research for it. Go to a good bar and try some good cocktails mixed with a good quantity of Gin. One of the classic drinks of all time that could be made out of it is the Tom Collins. If you want to make it at your home, then you should go for Cucumber-Rosemary Gin and Tonic.

Rum dark

In one of the previous points, we have already discussed the Rum light and its amazing qualities. In this point, we are going to discuss Rum Dark, which is obviously a version of rum. We already know about Rum and the feeling that you get after having it. The only thing that could be said about this darker version of it is that it is an added bonus. There are a lot of brands that make Dark Rum. The classic cocktail that could be made out if it is Dark and stormy and one that could be made in your kitchen is the Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum. So, either go to the bar and enjoy the flavor with all the class and standard or make a drink at home.


If one has to name a whiskey out of all that are easily available and also tastes good, then Bourbon would definitely be the first and the best choice. One could say that the majority of the people who love alcohol and especially whiskey, Bourbon has to be there in their bar. The best thing about this whiskey is that, if a person has bought a bottle of it and if he or she does not like it, it could be baked into a pie. So, there are other things too that could be done out of it, despite making cocktails. However, if you talk about the cocktail that could be made with the help of it, then it would be the classic Mint Julep and if you want to make it at home, then it could be Fig Old-Fashioned. The bourbon itself is an amazing taste and will make any drink tastier if mixed with it.


This wine comes in two flavors, namely, dry and sweet. This wine actually does not participate in the world of cocktails completely, rather supports it from a distance. However, the ingredients of this particular wine are so good and full of herbs that even it’s supporting too does a lot of good to the drink that is being made. The dry version is French while the sweet one is Italian and it is recommended to buy both of them. There are a lot of ways in which cocktails could be made from this wine. Earlier, it could be made by reading old books on cocktail recipes, but now a day one could easily get it from the internet. If you really want to make a classic one out of this wine, then you could go for a gin martini. Those making the drink should keep this thing in their mind that, if the proportion of the drink is not appropriate, then it won’t be as good as it should be. While making this Gin martini, you should mix 4 parts of gin to one part of dry vermouth and then wait for some time. Pour it into the cocktail glass and you are done. Sip it slowly and enjoy it. If this is looking like too much effort, then you could simply go to your kitchen and make the income tax cocktail, the recipe of which could be found easily on the internet.


This is one such category that needs no explanation and no discussion. Everyone in this world literally relies upon it and no party is complete without it. However, if you ask about its flavor, then there is no flavor in it and this property alone makes it even more versatile and useful. Since vodka does not have any flavor to it; it could be mixed to any drink and could be made a fine cocktail. There are a lot of people who do not like it plain and definitely with some other flavors. The classic cocktail that could be made out of it is the Moscow Mule which is the most popular one. If you are at home, you could easily make Rhubarb Basil Cocktail. The flavors that come out of mixing vodka are just tremendous and could not be compared with any other thing.


There are a few liquor brands that are known not for their properties, but for their taste and Absinthe is one of them. There are a lot of other flavors that go really well with this one and are suitable for making the perfect cocktail. There are a lot of brands that you could try out and could use for making the cocktail of your choice. The classic cocktail that could be made out of it is the Monkey Gland and the one at home would be Sazerac. You could get the recipe of both these cocktails on the internet.


Ever wondered what a bottle of cheap liquor would taste like? We are of course not talking about the one that is made in cheap factories, but if you go to a standard bar, they too have this category of drinks. If you really need to try, standard yet cheap liquor, you could go for Cointreau undoubtedly. It has such a taste to it, that if you try for once, you will become a fan of it, forever. If you want to make a cocktail out of it, then you could go for Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita which could be easily made. Also, if you want to try some classic one, then go for White lady, which could be easily available at any bar.

So, these were few of the best liquor that could be used for making various types of cocktails. If you go through all the options on by one you will be able to find out easily that which one is the best for you.