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Cocktails are all about nuance, subtlety, zest, and exotic flavors. They have been a staple for many years and are ideal for social occasions, parties, and wild nights out. 

Cocktails come in an infinite variety, and almost every single bar nowadays has a special drink to offer that you’ll never be able to try somewhere else! You can also make cocktails at home during slumber parties and classy dinners. But, as with any beverage, some stand out as tried and true classics. 

Check out our list of classic cocktails that never go out of style! 

Why Should One Be Familiar With Classic Cocktails?

Firstly, we’ve all seen what happens when a certain secret agent uses the words “shaken, not stirred” while casually asking for a Martini. James Bond is the ultimate representation of a cocktail connoisseur who knows what he wants as well as how to get it. And that’s why cocktail knowledge is practically essential. In bars and clubs, it can make a man seem infinitely powerful, classy, and confident. 

If you know at least some of the most iconic cocktail drinks, you’ll be able to turn some heads. You can certainly impress your friends and dates by ordering them a round of classic drinks. And even better, if you’re a woman, you’ll always be able to impress a guy with some cocktail knowledge. 

If you think that knowing about drinks is only the bartender’s job, it’s surely time to re-question your beliefs. Being familiar with the best classic cocktails will definitely make you shine on social occasions! 


This drink is a bitter classic! The apéritif was apparently invented in Italy over a century ago. In a nutshell, it requires equal amounts of a winning trio: Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin. 

What’s more, there are hundreds of variations of this drink. Usually, bartenders garnish it with orange peel, which is the classic recipe. 

However, some will add a few drops of orange juice to turn it into a modern classic cocktail. Many also prefer to take it on the rocks — that can tame the intense flavors of a Negroni. 

During summer, it’s a good idea to pour in some chilled soda.

Bloody Mary 

This unique drink has a blood-red look, and that’s what makes it so special. It is ideal for those who like sharp flavors. But, this cocktail is most famous for being a universal hangover cure. It is one of the most prominent “hair of the dog” remedies, so to say.


A Bloody Mary can contain various garnishes, including the common celery stalk. But, it can also include hot sauce, herbs, olives, egg whites, etc. However, the essential ingredients are tomato juice, vodka, and lots of salt. 

The unique taste is a product of blending everything with spices and herbs. Some believe that its abilities to alleviate a hangover are merely a placebo, while others find that it is truly effective in curing the Irish Flu. 


The name of this one says it all! It’s a fabulous drink with a powerful kick that is ideal for an eventful night of partying. The cocktail is served in a special Margarita glass with a wide rim. Inside, you’ll find lime juice, triple sec, and tequila. 

Most of the time, the glass rim is garnished with salt as well as a slice of lime. Additionally, this drink has a few variants — you can have it with ice (shaken or blended) in addition to a straight-up blend of tequila-infused goodness. 

What’s more, for home experiments, it’s perfectly acceptable to use alternative glass shapes. You could make Margaritas in wine or even champagne glasses if you’re in a bind. But, for the full experience, you’ll need that famous glass we mentioned! 

Gin and Tonic

This highball cocktail is perhaps the tastiest and least complicated to make. It only requires tonic water, ice, gin, and lime. The trick is to find a perfect tonic/gin ratio that matches your tastes. Some will use 1:1, while others will go for 1:3. 

The ice plays a key role in this drink as it dulls the pungent flavor of the gin. That’s why it goes down so gently, and you may not be able to feel it for a while until it fully kicks in. 

Some cocktail experts warn that U.S. bartenders tend to use soda instead of real tonic water. For the classic experience, try to use genuine tonic.


Daiquiris are a mix of sugar, juice, and rum. 

This is a simple cocktail, and it’s usually among the first things bartenders learn to mix. Its name refers to a sunny beach in Cuba where it was supposedly invented. 

Typically, this fruity drink requires a standard cocktail glass, and the juice used is mainly lime. However, various bars will add simple syrups or juices with similar citrus flavors. 

You can also find frozen Daiquiri variants with crushed ice in various flavors like strawberry, coffee, etc. If this drink is too sweet, you could try something similar like a Mai Tai. 

Pour Over Irish Coffee

Making Irish coffee is an art form in itself. While it’s not something you’d order at a club, it’s a perfect beverage for stuffy bars or lazy afternoons. The ingredients are black coffee (hot), sugar, Irish whiskey, and a unique cream topping. This drink is a perfect match for any coffee lover! 

Interestingly enough, the cocktail actually predates its iconic Irish coffee variant from the 1950s. It was available all over Europe in countries like France or Germany in the 1800s. What’s more, it also comes in several varieties. 

However, it should follow a specific preparation procedure. That includes pouring all the ingredients over the coffee before mixing. It also requires a specific process for pouring the thick layer of cream over the coffee. 


The Mojito will undoubtedly make you fantasize about warm Cuban shores and rustic streets with just one sip! 

The key ingredients for this explosive drink are rum (usually white), soda, lime juice, sugar, and best of all, mint, whose leaves contribute a lot to the drink’s unique flavor. It’s a perfect match for the white rum and sugar, and it makes the Mojito incredibly pleasant in summer. If you’re planning a backyard BBQ or are going on vacation to a tropical beach, don’t miss out on this iconic cocktail! 


So which one of those legendary cocktails was your favorite? Now that you’ve learned about some of them, it’s time to drink up and have a blast! Cheers!