Our Team

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Bjorn Wu, 24


Bjorn can’t end his night without having a glass or two of his frozen margarita with a dash of cayenne pepper. He is our insider to the most epic He is always on the guest list of every party in the city. If you see him, take a snap and send it to us!

Samantha Quincy, 24


Sam is quiet as fuck, but wait until she sips her own concoction of tequila sunrise and watch her pull off an all-nighter. We rely on her to guide is in nailing the best attitude for your next adult party! Sam lets you in the latest trends, events, and everything you need to get a VIP pass to your next “cocktail party”

Benjamin Vargas, 25


Benjamin! Benjamin is always drunk. However, we never figured out his favorite drink. All we know is that he has a laser eye for errors when he gets intoxicated as early as 8 in the morning. When he gets his job done early, he often disappears. We actually have an idea where he goes, but we are sure that it involves drinking and making love!

Adam Vera, 26

Web Developer

Aside from stealing all our vodka stash, he is always sitting in front of his laptop dealing with codes. He makes sure that hopscotchtasting.com is error free and always available to give you your daily shot of cocktail knowledge.