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Adult parties are of many kinds and they range from formal social functions where only adults are invited to sex parties. One has to behave differently in various kinds of adult parties depending on the theme the host has chosen. There are bound to be lots of people at the party and the chances of you getting ignored are, let’s admit it, pretty high. This number will climb up higher if you have become alone without any group and moreover if you don’t know anyone apart from the host. But that’s no reason to miss out on some fun and you could also become the life of the party as well. Don’t believe us? Then there are some tips which will help you out:

Look the part

If the theme of the party of costume preference isn’t listed on the invitation then make sure you call the host to confirm if there is any and if you should follow a dress code. While many think that dress codes are stressful to follow but it’s much easier knowing what to wear rather than not knowing and ending up going to the party in something horrendous. Adult parties generally have costumes and themes specified especially if it’s a big party. So follow those and if there isn’t any then go with black denim, black shirts, and a tie if you want. For women, the cocktail dress will be fine. Don’t wear sweats, crocs, and other summer beach accessories.

Also, make sure that you groom yourself well. It will help improve your image in front of your eyes first and foremost and when you feel confident then it gets projected out as well. So get a nice haircut and don’t come with a unibrow or nose hair. Shave or trim your beard as well as your pubes. You can also shave your chest hair too if it looks like you time traveled from 10,000 BC. Women can shave their legs, arms and trim their pubes too. Also, this applies to both genders- take a bath, brush your teeth and use deodorants and perfumes.

Enter with confidence

This is an adult party so chances are you will not be meeting and awkward teenagers here. Most people are bound to be confident and well established in life to some degree at least. Even if you don’t feel confident, it’s always easy to project it. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Straighten yourself and smile when you are entering the party. First impressions are always the key, especially for women.
  • Try not to look down, fidget or slump down. This can make you seem nervous or annoyed. If there are women in the room, then especially don’t act this way. Nothing turns women off than men who don’t appear confident. This isn’t to say that you should behave like a masculine alpha, but try to talk like a normal human.
  • Try to shed your inhibitions and nervousness. Don’t focus on what others think of you. Make sure that you come with the mindset to enjoy yourself at the party irrespective of whether there will be sex or not.
  • If you feel like you are getting anxious then try taking deep breaths, holding it in and then releasing it.

Bring a gift

For the host that is. This is a piece of etiquette which isn’t followed nowadays even though it should be. At an adult party, get your host a nice bottle of wine or other drinks. Bonus points are the name of the drink is an innuendo. This will make the host appreciate you and as a result, you will stand out in her/his eyes. Moreover, others will also notice your gift and think that you are thoughtful.

Greet people you know

At any party, there are bound to some you know or are acquainted with. When you enter the party then scan the crowd for known faces. Shake hands or hug the people you know. If you find the situation and conversation appropriate, then you should join in. It entirely depends on your room reading abilities on how to greet whom and whether that is the appropriate time to greet them or not. But here’s a tip to make things easier: If you see someone engrossed in deep conversation then just make eye contact, smile and wave at them.

Mingle with guests

If you have come alone, then it’s time to appear confident and roam about the room to look for conversation partners. At any adult party, there are sure to be things which people will be talking about that you will know about as well. Join in on those conversations. Otherwise, mix up with people who seem fun and interesting. Also, don’t stand near the exit or near the wall.

Participate in the games

Your host will surely have readied a set of games to play to break the ice amongst the guests in the adult. Don’t shy away and instead enthusiastically participate in those. Play them and if a game involves asking questions, then try to come with interesting ones. Also, slip in some tasteful innuendoes as well. Don’t make it crass or offensive to the other party goers. Have fun and let others too.

Use the bar with care

A great way to combat nervousness is drinks. It’s a long term solution but having some drinks will get a good buzz going that will allow you to shed your inhibitions and talk to people more freely. But make sure that you don’t get drunk or worse- vomit up. Know your limits and quit the moment you feel like you have had enough for the night. This is for your safety as well to ensure that other guests don’t have trouble because of you. Also, the embarrassment of waking up and knowing that you passed out from being drunk the night before will be too much.

Be funny

No better place to show your funny side than at a party. Have a drink and have one in hand before you join a group where you know at least someone. This is a great way to begin if you don’t like infringing on groups where you don’t know anybody. In adult parties cracking some NSFW, jokes are the norm and it should be so. Try to slip in some double meaning lines and jokes which are actually fresh and new. Use your wit and be bold. As said above, don’t make jokes which offend people. Know that making a crowd laugh is the easiest way to attract people. They will then know you as a fun person to be around.

Don’t do something crazy

After a few drinks, everyone starts too loosen up and this is the best time to show your coolness and grab people’s attention. Go on the dance floor, throw a perfect dart or come up with the perfect pick up line. Do anything which you know you are good at.

But there is a very fine line between cool and crazy. Make sure that you don’t crossover to the other side. Some examples of things you shouldn’t do at any adult party- don’t jump into the pool, this isn’t a high school spring party; don’t do beer pong style games; don’t take part in eating competitions even if someone states that it’s just for fun and most of all don’t throw your sexual advances on people who don’t want it. Be sensible even when you feel drunk or otherwise people will be laughing at you rather than with you.

Don’t be aggressive

Be a fun person rather but don’t be over aggressive. If you feel like you aren’t allowed to join in a group them take that rejection well and move on. Don’t be a spiteful or agitated person. This works more for adult sex parties. No one like a mean drunk at a party as well. As has been said above, learn to handle your drinks or quit if you can’t.

Take care of your partner

If you are indeed going to an adult sex party then take care of your partner during and after sex. This might be a one-night stand type of situation but that doesn’t mean you will be a reckless sixteen-year-old. Here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure you know where condoms are and where lube is. Get your own condoms if you want.
  • Get clean towels for your partner and yourself after the play and make sure that he/she is okay.
  • Be gentle post-coitus and see if they need anything.

Don’t be overbearing obviously, but make sure that you and your partner had a good time with each other. This will make you seem like a caring partner in the eyes of the other person and that’s another way to stand out.

Adults parties are a great way to have fun, meet people and have some sex. But if you appear confident, behave well and have fun then you will surely stand out in the crowd.