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Parties will be quite weird without drinks. Enjoying your latest gossips with your girlfriends while taking sips in ‘Cosmopolitan’ will be really tangy and tasty. There are different types of cocktails you are aware of. Whenever you arrange parties or go somewhere, you definitely make some arrangements to seeing such on the drinks counter. Besides the hard drinks, the delicious and boozing cocktails will win your heart and soul. Drinking the cocktails has certain styles. You take the slow sips into the martini glass, play with it, stir it some time and just relax. Whether it is a Bar-B-Que night or you are having an all-girls’ party at your home, cocktails are omnipresent. To add colors in your party, there is nothing to compare with cocktails. There are varieties of cocktails that have ever been made and those are winning hearts for so long time. So, today, get your favorite glass of cocktail in your hand and let’s find out the most outstanding drinks that are winning hearts of women as well as men. Let’s sip into the martini!


If you are a vodka-lover, this tangy and tarty cocktail will get you on the feet while taking sips of it. Prepared with cranberry juice, triple sec, vodka, and lime juice, this cocktail gives you a sourly taste that will stay on your pallet for long. Cosmopolitan is the drink of sophisticated ladies. If you are arranging a kitty party at your house, Cosmopolitan will definitely match the different personalities of your girlfriends.

2.Dry Martini

According to many beliefs, the dry martini is considered to be the first cocktail, ever made. When there are varieties of martinis are prepared nowadays, this cocktail is considered to the ‘Mother’ of all. Made of gin and dry vermouth, this eternal cocktail tastes a bit bitter and that’s why olive or lemon gest is used to bring a twist in the taste. If you are a true cocktail-lover, this drink will definitely win your heart.

3.Old Fashioned

You can call it the traditional version of the cocktail. It is evenly popular throughout the world and it won’t need to afraid of any competition. With rye or bourbon, sugar cube, Angostura bitters, and a thick ice cube can give you the glass of magic with a twisted orange peel above all. Simple and sweet, Old Fashioned will never get old.


Not only it is too much popular throughout the world, but it is also one of the most common cocktails that people prefer to drink. For the summer pool parties, there is nothing comparable to Mojito. Made of white rum, fresh mint, and lime juice, this drink is really refreshing while the water of your pool gives you a soothing feeling. Another interesting thing about this drink is that the alcohol content is quite low in it and one can replace the alcohol with soda or any soft drinks. The flavor you get from the crushed mint leaves and the lime zest refresh you completely.


No, we are not talking about one of the busiest cities in the United States. It is the cocktail that is prepared with whiskey and dry vermouth, but, there is a twist. From several years, it has been tried to bring the perfect taste with several types of whiskey. But, nothing gave the taste like the rye whiskey to Manhattan. It is the Canadian whiskey that is capable of maintaining the traditional taste and glamor of Manhattan till date. Though bourbon was also used to prepare this extraordinary cocktail, rye whiskey is the thing that you need to maintain the traditional taste of the drink.


With gin, Campari, and vermouth, the drink is prepared and it didn’t take a moment to rule the world of cocktails. As per several surveys, it has been proved that around 19% of the bar says this is the most served drinks. When the reddish-orange drink is served with the orange peel in it, Devil starts talking to you.

7.Mai Tei

Want to taste the Tahitian refreshment in your drawing room? Then, you need to know the perfect recipe of making Mai Tei, the Polynesian-styled cocktail. The drink is prepared with light and dark rum and lots of tropical fruit juices, like Curacao, orange, lime juice, and orgeat syrup and it gives a vibrant taste with a punch of sweetness.

8.Mint Julep

This is the best cocktail, created with bourbon whiskey ever. As per the historians, Mint Julep is the oldest cocktail that has been found in the history of the American Revolution. When fresh mint and syrup is mixed appropriately with bourbon whiskey, you get the outstanding Mint Julep at your hand.

9.Whiskey Sour

If you love whiskey, but want to moderate the taste that you usually have, this is the simple, yet popular cocktail that you can make. What you need for this are whiskey, sugar syrup, and lime juice. For the whiskey lovers of the world, this cocktail is like variety in originality.


Though initially, it was a medicine of Spanish Flu in Brazil, soon it became popular as one of the best-tasted cocktail ever made. This adorable drink is made of white vodka or rum, cachaca, lime juice, and brown sugar. The drink is really refreshing and tastes great.


The cocktail-lovers of the world are well aware of this age-old, yet evergreen drink. The list of the best cocktail ever made can’t be completed without mentioning the world famous, ‘Margarita’. The traditional margarita is prepared with triple sec, tequila, and lime juice and it is a celebration of your taste buds. Presently, there are lots of variations are available in Margarita with amazing flavors and colors.


Don’t get confused with the modern version of Daiquiri, made of fruits and blenders. The original Daiquiri is made of lime juice, sugar syrup, and white rum and it is too much refreshing to drink on any occasion.

13.Tom Collins

If you are looking for the best classics in cocktails, this is the one that will keep you boozed up now. The traditional version of Tom Collins is made of Plymouth and gin. But, if you want to make it more happening for your blazing party, you can add whiskey, rum, vodka, or tequila. This drink tastes awesome with any kind of alcohol and tastes grand.


Prepared with several types of spirits around the world, like rum, vodka, tequila and gin, this fiery cocktail is perfect for your hotness quotient. Along with the spirits, there are lemon juice, orange juice, and obviously, red chili paper to make it fiery. The cocktail is served with a slice of orange and garnished with orange peel.

15.Espresso Martini

You may have known this in the name of Pharmaceutical Stimulant or Vodka Espresso. This drink is too much popular among the cocktail-lovers throughout the world. This is especially for those who want to stay awake late-night after dinner. The coffee lovers will love this drink the most.


If gin is your thing and wants to know the best type of gin-based cocktails ever made, Martinez will surely be on the top. You will be surprised to know that this evergreen drink is the ascendant of the great martini. If you feel martini is too dry for you, this is the cocktail recipe you can try that have the same sophistication of martini, but also has its uniqueness. This adorable drink is made of premium gin, maraschino liquor, sweet vermouth, and a hint of cherry.

17.Aperol Spritz

If you haven’t tasted Aperol Spritz till now, you are not drinking the right cocktail. This is one of the most popular cocktails till now and preparing it is really easy. For your house party, this drink can be the perfect appetizer. It is made of Aperol, soda, and Prosecco. For the summer, this drink is really a chiller.


The taste will come later, you will fall in love with the color and aroma of ‘Appletini’ or Apple Martini’ first. The taste is just the cherry on the cake. It is too simple to prepare as vodka is used as the base of this drink instead of gin, the heart of traditional martini. The sour taste can boost up your senses and you can have it with apple slices.

19.Brandy Cocktail

While you are looking for the original and traditional cocktails, this must be on your list. Made of simple recipe that includes spirits, sugar, and water, brandy cocktail has the history of many decades.


Introduced in 1850, this drink is equally popular throughout the world as it was in the initial days. Originated in New Orleans, this drink shows the culture of its native land. The ingredients of this drink are rye/brandy, Peychaud’s Bitters, Demerara syrup, absinthe, and the hint of lemon juice.

Actually, there are lots of cocktails that are ruling the world till now and also several new and modified versions are coming front. If you are a true cocktail-lover, you can try something in your house and also surprise your guest with the awesome taste.