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Who doesn’t love going to the bar after a day of hard work and sipping on a calming cocktail? Or perhaps going to the bar for a celebration of some sorts? The reasons for having a cocktail can be many, but the decision on what to have depends on both taste and money. A glass of beer and rum mixed together costs way less than one which is made with various elements in a bar and topped off with some garnishing. Many times we want to have that expensive cocktail, but the fear of emptying our pockets prevents us from trying it. So in case, you are saving up money to finally taste an expensive cocktail or waiting for a lottery ticket to land in your lap, here’s a list of the most expensive cocktails in the world to help you out with what you can have:

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep- $1,000

Visit the Kentucky Derby to have a taste of this beauty as you watch the race from the gallery. It’s been said that more than a whopping 120,000 Mint Juleps are served every year for just a two-day race. But the real beauty of the race- Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps are way too expensive for many racegoers. Imagine having this money cruncher and then losing the race as well, it would be devastating! To sip on the Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps you will have to pay up a  hefty sum of $1000 per glass. You might ask what makes this drink so expensive? The answer is the silver Tiffany & Co glass in which the drink is served. As for the liquid in it, that’s made with Moroccan Mint, Woodford Reserve bourbon and sugar from the South Pacific. It is then topped off with ice from the Arctic Circle. So it’s definitely not your ordinary Mint Julep.

Original Mai Tai- $1,270

Mai Tai’s in itself is a very common drink to have and lots of people might have had it at their neighborhood bar. But very few people would have had the Original Mai Tai. Head over to Belfast’s Merchant Hotel to taste Mai Tai as you have never before. This is because they make it right from the original recipe. Here’s a little background on the drink for you as you sit around waiting for your order- The drink actually originated from Trader Vic’s in 1944. The Merchant Hotel is the sole place in the whole world which is still using the original rum which was used way back in 1944. Honestly, there’s no way to beat the original ever.

Platinum Passion- $1,500

New York City is generally a very expensive place but if you want to have some expensive drinks there then the Platinum Passion is a good way to start off. The drink is relatively new as it was made in 2005’s Valentine’s Day. You will be able to get this drink at Duvet which is a bed themed bar. Platinum Passion is made up of Ruinart Champagne, honey, passion fruit, brown sugar, and L’esprit de Courvoisier. It is this L’esprit de Courvoisier which makes the drink that expensive since it sells for around $6,000 per bottle.

Ritz-Paris Sidecar- $1,670

The Sidecar cocktail actually began at the Hotel Ritz-Paris so it’s no wonder that they would also like to have the title of making the most expensive Sidecar on the planet. The price label is this high because it is made up of bottled Cognac that ranges from the 1830s to 1870s. This makes it one of the oldest alcohols in the whole world too.

Sapphire Martini- $3,000

Take a cab or perhaps a limo to the Foxwoods Resort Casino located in Connecticut to gamble away your money as well as taste a one of a kind martini. The cost of the original drink was just $24 but its worldwide popularity made the management hike the price to $3000. But that’s not the only reason, of course. The clue is in the name of the drink as well since the drink is served with a pair of diamond and sapphire earrings too.

Macallan 55 Single Malt Whisky Cocktail- $4,000

Enjoy this drink at Sky View Bar in Dubai as you admire the view outside. This cocktail is made from a 55-year-old single malt natural color whiskey. The drink is then combined with dried fruit bitters along with a homemade passion fruit sugar. It’s served with ice cubes made of the water that runs through the Macallan distillery and is mixed up with a custom stirrer from a Macallan oak cask. The drink is given in an 18k gold goblet which you will, in fact, get to take back home.

Diamond Cocktail- $4,350

The name gives away what you are going to get with this drink. Arrive at London’s Sheraton Park Hotel to sip on an amazing drink which is served with real diamonds inside of the drink. But you can also choose a ruby if you want. The recipe in itself is made up a delicious blend of individual cognacs which costs around $1000 per bottle. Also, when it comes to the gem inside you will have the option of choosing what you want but keep in mind that this could very well vary the price of the cocktail.

Salvatore’s Legacy- $6,700

The Playboy Club in London is credited to inventing this cocktail for a Guinness World record attempt in October 2012. Made by master bartender Salvatore Calabrese, its astronomical price comes from the luxurious ingredients used in it. A 1770 Kummel liquer, a 1778 Clos De Griffer Vieux Cognac and an 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao make up its major ingredients. But there are also 19th century Angostura bitters used in it as well. This drink is also believed to be the oldest cocktail on the planet since the ingredients have a fascinating combined age of 730 years.

Martini on the Rock- $10,000

You might have had Martini on the rocks but you should know that Martini on the Rock is a completely different thing. If you want a taste of the most expensive cocktail in New York City then head over to The Algonquin Hotel and be ready to shell out a mind-boggling $10,000 for it. Why is it so pricey you ask, it’s because of the cocktail comes with your own diamond which makes this drink a true gem. But ordering a drink isn’t all that you will have to do here. You will have to not just make an advanced three-day reservation, but you will also have to make an appointment with a jewelry maker. If you want to make your engagement, anniversary or proposal really special then you should definitely give this a try. A very expensive try that is.

Ono Champagne Cocktail- $10,000

This is another drink with a price tag of $10,000 but instead of a diamond in the drink, this cocktail gets served inside a jewel-encrusted glass. But that’s certainly not enough to justify this exorbitant price and so you will also a gold necklace on the side as well. Head over to Las Vegas’s Encore Wynn hotel as they are the one who serves this and for the gold necklace, they even use 18 karat gold. But they don’t skimp on the champagne if you were wondering. The cocktail uses the rare Charles Heidsieck champagne along with the Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac (it costs $90,000), rose nectar, apricot juice, and fresh orange juice. It is then topped off with two perfectly set ice cubes, which makes this drink one of a kind.

Diamond Is Forever- $22,600

If you thought a diamond in the drink, an 18 karat gold necklace on the side was the pinnacle then this cocktail is here to prove you wrong. This drink comes with a one-carat diamond. Catch a flight to the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo to enjoy this drink.

Ruby Rose- $40,000

Yes, you read that right. The price tag attached with this cocktail is true $40,000. So if have such spare money then head over to The White Barn Inn in Maine. The drink is made out of St. Germain Elderflower cordial, Hanger One Vodka, pomegranate juice, fresh grapefruit juice and a spoon of rosewater. This drink was served all through their anniversary year. But none of these items surely can even combine to the sum of $40,000 and you are right about that. Its price tag comes because of the Red Ruby which is put in the drink. But if you can do without the Ruby then the order the rest of the cocktail for $18 as well.

The diamond and rubies might seem a little excessive, but apart from those drinks, there are many in here which have been made with care and purified to perfection to give you a taste like never before. These drinks are obviously not for ordinary occasions, but if you save up a little, then you will certainly be able to afford the drinks in the front part of the list. Then you will be able to enjoy a drink like no other in the world with your significant other.