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Having a couple of drinks more at the age of 24 isn’t that big of a deal. However, when we reach the age of 44, it seems that we can’t get away with it without a severe headache and nausea. This isn’t just our imagination — the hangovers get worse as we grow older!

This phenomenon is scientifically explained. If you want to learn why you can’t drink as much as you used to, just keep on reading. You’ll also find several pieces of advice on how to avoid the consequences of overindulging in alcohol.

Your Body Does Not Metabolize Alcohol as Well as When You Were Younger

This may sound depressing, but our alcohol tolerance decreases as we grow older. Our bodies change a lot with time, inside as well as outside. For that reason, when we reach a certain age, we’re more likely to suffer the consequences of spending the whole night drinking.

Our liver is responsible for flushing the substance out. It sees alcohol as something toxic (which it is) and produces enzymes that process it. Their main goal is to turn alcohol into a less toxic and damaging substance that won’t affect us that much.

However, these enzymes become less active with time. As the liver grows older, it produces fewer enzymes. That’s why your liver needs more time to metabolize alcohol and is less successful in that. RELATED: Liver and Alcohol Breakdown

The decrease in this liver enzyme activity leads to higher blood alcohol levels. This means that you’ll get drunk more quickly at an older age. That’s why you can’t drink today as much as you used to when you were in your twenties.

At the same time, your body will need more time to recover from it. Your hangovers will last longer and get worse as you grow older. Headaches and nausea after drinking alcohol are more likely to occur when you’re in your thirties and forties.

However, there are several things you can do to avoid this scenario. First of all, you shouldn’t drink more than one alcoholic drink per hour. That way, your liver may have enough time to recover and prepare for more.

Also, drinking a lot of water while consuming alcohol is a pretty good idea. We all know that water is a fantastic hangover cure as well as a sufficient precaution measure.

Lastly, you can increase your alcohol tolerance by taking care of your health.

Your Overall Health Is a Factor

Your body’s resistance to toxic substances depends largely on your overall health. So if you don’t eat healthy and don’t exercise, it won’t do as well as it might have done.

Even though you can’t change the fact that your liver is aging, you can still make it more functional. You can do so by eating food that’s not too much to handle. Your liver will need less effort to metabolize healthy, nutritious food.

A healthy lifestyle will give you many other benefits as well. For instance, your immune system will become stronger. In turn, it will help you handle hangovers more easily and quickly.

When it comes to alcohol consumption and hangover, the immune system plays an important role. It protects you from everything, including the effects of alcohol. For that reason, eating healthy food will certainly make it easier for you to survive a hangover!

Also, staying hydrated will increase your chances of avoiding a bad headache the morning after drinking. You should drink water regularly, not only while you’re consuming alcohol! Water is crucial for your overall health. The more you drink it, the less likely you’ll be to experience severe consequences of alcohol.

And one more thing — if you drink too much alcohol too often, you’ll certainly ruin your body for good. Heavy drinking on a regular basis will seriously affect your liver’s functionality. So if you have an issue with dependence on alcohol and consume it too much, you should seek professional help.

Lifestyle Changes

Our priorities change over the years. Maybe we used to party all the time in college, but now, we’ve adopted a more peaceful lifestyle. We have less time for going out, hitting the gym, taking a walk, etc. Instead, we’re trying to keep up with the busy schedule.

In general, we have less time to spend on ourselves than when we were younger. Sometimes, we may even forget to take care of ourselves altogether. Given that this negatively affects our health, it’s no surprise that we become less tolerant of alcohol!

Again, the best thing to do to prevent this is to adopt some healthy lifestyle habits. Exercising and eating healthy food will help you a lot to achieve it!

However, no matter what we do, we can’t stop the aging process and avoid all the consequences of these changes. Our liver will still produce fewer enzymes, and our immune system won’t be as good as before. Nothing guarantees us we’ll avoid a severe hangover after drinking all night! RELATED: Sever Hangover Symptoms

However, this doesn’t mean we should never allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of having a few drinks with friends. The fun doesn’t have to stop when we reach a certain age!

Even though our bodies become less resistant, we still have more life experience. That’s why we may be able to stop drinking at the right moment. As long as we have aspirin, water, and a reason to celebrate, we should go for it!