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Have you noticed how, during unusually cold winters, your nipples harden and stand up to pledge allegiance? When in this mode, they are more sensitive, and everything we do to them feels amplified. But you don’t have to wait for winter to get that feeling!

Imagine you (or your partner) taking an ice cube and running it over your body. But this time, not just your nipples, but other areas as well! Or, if you’re not into ice cube sex, imagine hot candle wax dripping over your body and nether regions. Still, that’s not all you can do. There are parts of the body that are not that easily accessible. You can use hot or cold water to heat or cool your toy of choice and insert it inside you. It’s undoubtedly a way to bring something new to your (anal) sex life!

If you’re into any of the above, then, my dear friend, you’re into temperature play!

What Is Temperature Play?

Temperature play, be it hot or ice play, relies on generating arousal by using the neuroreceptors of our skin. In plain, less nerdy English, our skin reacts to getting in contact with items that are either colder or hotter. To some of us, this reaction can be sexy, and we can use it as a form of sensation play. Obviously, you need to incorporate it into your foreplay routine for the brain to react to it as something sensual. Then, it all depends on how far you want to go. Some people are OK with using just warm water. Alternatively, there are BDSM communities that go as far as some extreme forms that can include actual fire, let alone hot water!

Typically, aside from water, temperature play revolves around the use of ice, melted wax, or heated massage oils.

How Temperature Play Is Done

Most of the time, temperature play also involves a sex toy that’s good at retaining temperatures. In this article, we’ll focus on butt plugs. No matter whether you’re into hot or cold temperatures, you want your butt plug to be out of a material that will stay hot or cold for the duration of your session. That way, you don’t have to stop dead in your tracks to prepare your plug again.

You can put the toy into your fridge or hot water. Just make sure it’s safe to do so. For instance, water can mess up the electronics of some prostate massagers or vibrating anal plugs. Want a tip? Check your toy the same way you check milk for your baby. Place it against your wrist to see if the temperature is right. You don’t want to find that out the hard way!

Another fantastic way to get your butt plug to warm up or cool down is by using a special type of lube. There are warming and cooling lubes that work just like any other regular ones. But, on top of that, they will affect your toy and warm it or cool it down so that you can experience the sensations you’re looking for.

Why Glass Butt Plugs Are Great for Temp Play

The best toys to do temperature play with are those made out of metal or glass. Metal ones, such as titanium or stainless steel butt plugs, are excellent at retaining heat (or lack of it). However, by far the best at it are glass sex toys, be it glass dildos or butt plugs. There’s this thing called borosilicate glass that they use to make the majority of glass toys. This type of glass is way more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass, meaning that it’ll remain hot or cold for longer. Additionally, there’s a common misconception that glass toys are fragile, but that’s far from true. Just because they’re out of glass, you don’t have to worry about pulling on your flared base and crushing your glass butt plug inside you.

Furthermore, glass works well with every type of lube, be it oil-based or silicone-based. And since it’s a non-porous material, these toys are easy to clean. You can just submerge them in hot water to kill all potential bacteria!

Ways to Incorporate Glass Butt Plugs in Temperature Play

We’ve talked about how temperature play revolves around our skin’s neuroreceptors. But with glass butt plugs, you can achieve internal temperature play!

The fact is, you can use your butt plug as an additional item that gets you off during your entire session. However, temperature play can derive from something entirely different. Or, better yet, you can have two sources of it.

For instance, you can have a massage with a butt plug up your ass. Then, while having the toy stimulate your backside, your skin’s senses can heighten by using warmed-up oil or massage candles. The latter are not as hot as actual candle wax, but they’re still pretty warm. The best thing about them is that they simulate a real candle, and you don’t have to worry about getting burns on your body. Food play is also another way to do it as your partner can cool you down with ice cream on your erogenous zones. That way, it’s a treat for both of you!

Another thing you should consider is combining both sensations. For example, you can warm up your butt plug while simultaneously using ice on your skin. That way, you’ll experience both cold and warmth, and your senses will heighten. Furthermore, try to mix it up with sensory deprivation. You’ll be way more receptive to it if you wear a blindfold. As you can see, if you have a partner who’s into it, your sex lives can really go up a notch!

Safety Precautions

As you might expect, there are some potential safety issues with temperature play. As a result, it’s vital how you go about it, as you have to make sure you don’t cause yourself any harm. We’ve already mentioned how using regular candle wax can be harmful. While some BDSM practitioners still use it, you have to have experience with it to avoid getting burnt.

There are several precautionary measures you can take. For example, if you’re into ice play, never stick an ice cube to your body directly from your freezer. Instead, let it melt for a little bit in your hand (or a bowl) until it becomes smoother. You should also probably stay away from using ice cubes internally, as they can melt into sharp edges or cause damage to internal membranes.

And if you’re done with just casual warm or cold play and want to take a step further, be careful. Temperature play in BDSM can become rather extreme, so do it with someone who has experience with it. As individuals, we have different limits, so make sure you discuss boundaries with your partner and introduce a safeword beforehand. Finally, ensure that you purchase high-quality glass butt plugs, and always check chipped off surface to avoid injury. Our readers highly recommend getting your glass butt plugs from LP. They have great reviews from their customers, and we have tried their products ourselves.