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When anyone thinks about adult parties then they think of people having loud orgies on cheap furniture, surrounded by cheap decorations. But you should keep in mind that adult parties aren’t always full blown sex parties. There are adult parties where people come to have fun, play adult games and just generally enjoy themselves. They are marked as adult parties because it generally is a place where adults don’t have to restrain themselves. There they can talk about the things they like, watch and enjoy without censoring themselves. So it’s better to confirm with your guests if it’s just an adult party or an adult sex party if it isn’t written in the invitation.

But if it indeed is an adult sex party and if you haven’t hosted one before then don’t worry. Here we will talk about all the things which you need to host a sex party:

Curate the guest list

Generally, couples are the ones who tend to be the focus of play events. So look through your 3nder matches for those who you feel like would like a little romp on the bed. Also for those who don’t know what 3nder is, it’s like a Tinder but for threesomes and more. Know that if you already have a partner then you will have an easier time inviting others to join you.

Make sure that there is a dress code

Whether you are planning on a little afternoon party or one which will go all night long, it’s important to have a dress code. Don’t allow for flip flops, sweats and other things which would be filled inside the “sloppy mess” section of a closet. Basically tell your guests to avoid going too casual like they are frat boys going to the beach on a summer break.

For smaller get togethers, tell guests to dress up for a one night stand. This can include black denims, moto jackets, luxe tees, button down shirts and such. For women, cocktail dresses with lingerie would work well. If the group is bigger then you can go with a black tie event and encourage costumes and themes. If you are hosting a midnight adult sex party then fetish wear can also be suggested. If you are thinking of a colour to go with, then black and red are excellent for such parties.

Keep a code of enthusiastic consent

Remember that at any sex party, consent is key and it should always be encouraged. At your party drinks and enjoying other forms of recreation will surely be there and people will be taking advantage of it. So as the host you must encourage enthusiastic consent. This form of consent means that the partners will have to discuss and agree, as in give verbal consent for all the sex and touch acts before acting on it. It might seem unromantic and a tad much, but consent is key. This actually encourages more activity and prevents anyone from feeling like they have to accept all forms of physical advances. With this you will actually be encouraging your guests to speak up on what they want and to politely accept or decline the offer. This is a great way to open up conversation regarding sexual activity as well as increase the fun being had at your party.

Set some rules

It’s important that there are some ground rules which you set beforehand. Make sure that everyone understands and follows them. Setting rules will let everyone be on the same page regarding some things. This will in turn allow you to handle the party well too. Here are some examples of them:

  • If you aren’t planning on hosting an overnight party, then tell them.
  • If penetration isn’t on the cards, then tell everyone. Also mention what is actually allowed like mutual touching, group stimulation and massage or anything like that.

A good playlist

Music makes the mind and body groove. Make sure you have a playlist which sets the mood and gets the bodies moving on the dance floor. A good playlist will also help fill over awkward conversations if there are any. Make sure you set both slow and pumping music even if it feels like slow and sensual is the only way to go. Know that nobody will be coming in, discarding clothes and getting ready to have sex just after setting foot through the door. Chances are it will be awkward for many at the start. So your first job as a host is to make your guests feel comfortable and feel like they are in a party. Also, don’t discard stoner music, but don’t put in punk or smash metal. It will just destroy the atmosphere.

Set the party mood

First set the atmosphere with lighting. Get some dimmers to lower the lighting in the party space. Get some red bulbs as well and cover up your lamps with scarves. If you have projectors then light up some sexy visuals. This doesn’t mean that you will play porn. Porn isn’t sexy at all. Also make sure you cater to both genders and put on sexy pictures of both men and women.

Get some staff

If you are hosting a huge get together then know that it’s important to have people around to help you out. Otherwise all you will have to do all night long is host and not be able to enjoy yourself. They can help you serve the snacks, prepare drinks and help out with the clean up. Make sure you check the profiles well before hiring. Also know that you will have to pay up more for staffing sex parties, but before that, make sure that you disclose the purpose of your event to prevent awkward situations.

Stock up on Snacks

Snacks should be light and not a full course meal which will make people stuff up and go straight to sleep. But it also shouldn’t make them feel like they didn’t have anything. Somethings which you shouldn’t serve are baked meals like lasagna, ziti and such. Don’t have burgers, huge chicken buckets, pizzas and other fast foods too.

When thinking food, think about the theme you are going for and about the purpose of your party. Make sure that the food is sexy as well. So having little vegan bites or finger foods are the way to go. Know that while chicken isn’t sexy, succulently roasted ham is. Make sure to chop it into little pieces and use it as part of a light little sandwich full of green. Also make sure that the food you are putting out go with the drinks too. Here’s an extra tip: Make sure that there’s lots of water available. This is because anything from drinks to eating to having sex will make people thirsty. So if they don’t find water nearby then your fridge will be raided for sure.

Stock up the bar

Encourage your guests to bring drinks. On your part have ice and a few mixers ready. Make sure that there is a custom cocktail at the party and premix it to spend less time at the bar. Or alternatively you can hire someone for the bar if you plan on having a huge bar. Stock up on vodka, fruity drink cocktails, lots of juices and yes beers too. Beers don’t contain much alcohol so even light drinkers won’t get drunk that fast. They are also a great thing to have in your hand as you begin casual conversations. Most important of all is to ensure that you have water and that your guests stay hydrated. Lastly, make sure you tell the bartender to close the bar at a certain specified time.

Make a play area

As said before, no one will be ready to come in and start having sex. So make a little play area and get creative with it. Get extra pillows and also comforters. The lounge area you are creating have to be inviting. You can also arrange for swings, benches and other apparatuses if there are some specific kinks you want to explore.

Get some games

Games are a great way to break the ice and ensure that people are having fun. You can try having adult versions of truth or dare, Never have I ever, spin the bottle and other such games. You can also try some R rated board games like NSFW drawing for adults, cards against humanity (adult version), super fight, nasty things and such.


Make sure that there are lubricants of various kinds because people are going to need it. Get the lubricants which are certified to be safe to use. Don’t play with your guests health. Along with lubricants also stock up on toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, lotions, clean towels, wet wipes and such. Also make sure that there are pillows, lots of pillows.

These are the things which you should have and follow at your adult sex party. This will ensure that everyone has fun and remembers your party as well as you fondly.