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There are many countries across the world famous for their alcoholic drinks. Everyone knows about vodka, beer, wine, sangria, and others. But have you ever wondered what countries consume the most alcohol per year? Here, we will focus only on the previous year and see what the results are. 

Countries Where Drinking Is Part of Their Culture

While some countries try to fight alcohol, there are others that accept it as a part of the culture. If you traveled around the world, you probably visited places where liquor plays an important role. We all know that France is famous for its wine, and how it is quite normal for them to have a glass or two during lunch. 

The same thing can apply to almost the entire Eastern Europe, Germany, and others. Some countries are known for making top-tier alcoholic beverages (like France and wine). For example, Czech Republic is known for excellent beer, Japan for sake, there are over 300 breweries in Belgium, and we all know how Russians feel about vodka. 

And the list goes on and on. While alcohol consumption by country is based on many different factors (culture, religion, and others), there are still those that continue to be on the top of the list year after year. 

1. Belarus

The first entry on the list is Belarus. As with other Slavic countries, drinking is an important part of local culture. According to statistics, people in Belarus drink 17.5 liters of pure alcohol per capita. Of course, this doesn’t mean that anyone in Belarus is drinking pure alcohol. It just shows a statistical consumption of it. 

As a reference, the average consumption on a global level is 6.5 liters. In this Eastern European country, the most popular are spirits with nearly 50% intake, while beer is in second place with nearly 23%. The drink of choice is usually homemade vodka, aka samahon.

2. Lithuania

The second place goes to Lithuania. For those that don’t know, Lithuania is a country in the Baltic region, and it shares a border with Belarus. But borders are not the only thing they share. There is also their love for booze.

Even though the country has strict laws when it comes to alcohol, this doesn’t stop people from being on the top of the list. Advertising beverages on TV is not allowed, and all stores are working until 10 P.M. The drink of choice here is beer, making up around 45% of all drinks sold in the country.

3. Grenada

This might surprise some people, but Grenada is among the heaviest drinking countries in the world. Grenada is located in the West Indies, and people there love drinking. According to recent research, the most popular drinks are spirits and beer, with the former having a slight lead. 

Another interesting fact about Grenada is that ladies drink more than men. Usually, the situation is quite the opposite, and there are no signs to what is the reason for this change. Of course, the population of Grenada is a bit over 100,000 people, and the statistic might not be as accurate as with other larger countries.

4. Czech Republic

To no one’s surprise, Czech Republic is on the list. Now, we’re not trying to say that the country has a lot of heavy drinkers. We just know that they offer incredible beer that’s popular all around the globe. 

As a result, the most popular drink in the Czech Republic is beer, making up over 50% of all alcohol intake. The second and third place is almost even for wine and spirits. But even though the country is known for beer, we should mention the national drink Becherovka, the famous Czech liqueur. 

5. France

Would you believe us if we told you that French people love drinking wine? Of course, this is something that won’t make headlines. Everyone knows that the country is known for its wine production. It is common for people here to drink a glass of wine during the meal, and the country has milder taxation when it comes to this drink. 

So, the gold medal goes to wine, which makes up for over 60% of alcohol consumption every year. The silver medal goes to spirits, which are responsible for around 20% of annual alcohol intake (likely thanks to Cognac). Finally, beer takes third place.  

6. Russia

You probably expected to see Russia way higher on the list. But don’t let the sixth place fool you. Russia is still among the countries with the highest alcohol intake. The main problem with alcohol in Russia is that strong drinks are rather popular. Spirits and beer are almost equal when it comes to popularity, and everyone’s heard of vodka. 

Russia has been battling the alcohol problem for a couple of years now, and they implemented various regulations, increased taxes, and so on. While alcohol consumption has gone down, Russia is still among the heaviest drinking countries in the world.  

7. Iceland

For many people, Iceland seems like paradise. There are no mosquitoes, and the country is on the top of the list when it comes to drinking. The most popular type of alcohol in Iceland is beer, with wine in second place. When it comes to national drinks, the country is known for Brennivín, which is an unsweetened schnapps. 

One of the things you might notice if you visit this country is that alcohol is rather expensive. It is the product with the highest taxes in this country, and it might discourage many people from trying it. 

8. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small European country between Belgium, France, and Germany. As you might be aware, all of these countries are known for their love for alcohol, and Luxembourg is no different. According to statistics, 80% of all alcohol in this country is either wine or beer. 

Furthermore, alcohol is quite cheap in the country, and it is obvious that Luxembourg was influenced by its neighbors. All things considered, levels of alcohol in the country are quite high, and it is among the heaviest drinking countries in Europe. 

9. Slovakia

Slovakia spent a lot of time sharing the country with the Czech Republic, and it’s no surprise that they share the love for alcohol as well. The most popular drinks in Slovakia are spirits with over 40%, and Borovička is the national drink. It is a strong alcoholic beverage made of juniper berries. The taste is similar to dry gin, and it usually has 40% of alcohol. 

Naturally, the second most popular type of drink is beer, which is probably the neighboring influence. You can also find numerous places across the country that sell local beer and wine, as well as Slivovitz which is rather popular in Central and Eastern Europe. 

10. Germany

It’s hard to talk about alcohol without mentioning Germany. The situation in Germany is similar to that in France. The heavy-drinking 20% of the population consumes 60% of yearly alcohol intake, and the prices of alcohol are quite low. The taxation of beer is even milder in this country, and everyone knows of the Oktoberfest, which is the world’s largest beer festival. 

To no one’s surprise, the most popular alcohol drink in Germany is beer (over 50% of annual consumption). The second place is reserved for wine, while spirits are in third place. Moreover, Germany can offer other types of beverages besides beer, like the well-known Jägermeister. Fun fact: the most popular drink in Germany (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) is mineral water.