The Most Expensive Cocktails In the World

Who doesn’t love going to the bar after a day of hard work and sipping on a calming cocktail? Or perhaps going to the bar for a celebration of some sorts? The reasons for having a cocktail can be many, but the decision on what to have depends on both taste and money. A glass of beer and rum mixed together costs way less than one which is made with various elements in a bar and topped off with some garnishing. Many times we want to have that expensive cocktail, but the fear of emptying our pockets prevents us from trying it. So in case, you are saving up money to finally taste an expensive cocktail or waiting for a lottery ticket to land in your lap, here’s a list of the most expensive cocktails in the world to help you out with what you can have:

Kentucky Derby Mint

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Top 20 Cocktails Ever Made

Parties will be quite weird without drinks. Enjoying your latest gossips with your girlfriends while taking sips in ‘Cosmopolitan’ will be really tangy and tasty. There are different types of cocktails you are aware of. Whenever you arrange parties or go somewhere, you definitely make some arrangements to seeing such on the drinks counter. Besides the hard drinks, the delicious and boozing cocktails will win your heart and soul. Drinking the cocktails has certain styles. You take the slow sips into the martini glass, play with it, stir it some time and just relax. Whether it is a Bar-B-Que night or you are having an all-girls’ party at your home, cocktails are omnipresent. To add colors in your party, there is nothing to compare with cocktails. There are varieties of cocktails that have ever been made and those are winning hearts for so long time. So, today, get your favorite …

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